Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overnight Guest

We had this rather lovely, leggy visitor overnight. This is Missy, a 5 month old beagle pup. Unfortunately, she couldn't stay in her old home due to a change in circumstances, so her owner surrendered her into the care of HOPE Recsue. She's great with kids and other dogs (had a great romp with a pack of about 10 dogs in the park this morning, and loved every minute!) and is certain to find a great new home with HOPE's expert help.

If you're interested in a rescue dog, please get in touch with HOPE (or a good local rescue who homecheck and neuter) and consider taking in a dog in need of a home. Most dogs are like Missy - needing a new home through no fault of their own, and will make wonderful companions for you and your family.

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